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I Miss My Love!

I envy the dirt that sticks to your shoe
It goes everywhere you do
And I envy the tissue that wipes your noes
It gets kisses in those gentle blows,
I do not mind if it's with achoo;
O how sweet it is to be with you.

I envy the wind that fluffs your hair
my fingers miss being there
and I envy the water that paints your form
I wish it were me to make you warm.
I envy all that to you is near
And think time and distance are unfair

To keep me from the one I love...
I have a longing that I did not dream of,
For dreams end on waking, but this does not,
throughout the day it presses my heart...
I miss your lips, your kiss, your nonesuch-touch.
O my darling, sweet darling, I miss you so much.

I do... I love you.

Copyright © 2011 Leslie Alexis

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