I Miss My Tooth And Miss You Too

It's when I lost my tooth
the other day
while drinking my coffee
hot and refreshing
that I remembered you my love
and how much I missed you
now with this gap in my teeth
I know there will not be another time of our meeting
you who have shied away
perhaps it's my being awkward
or it's your snobbery
but the truth is you should know
no body mattered ever to me as you did
not even the missing tooth
really you got to believe me when I say
I loved you from the bottom of my heart
many young teeth I had then
a pretty smile
and even a pretty bosom
but still friend, I was clumsy enough to lose you
just like the missing tooth
and now I guess as my limbs stop their work
and as my memory fades
you will remain in the shadows of my screen of life
bright still
I do wish I had learned to seduce if nothing else
and life would have been different
the missing tooth would have been mourned by both you and me
and it would not have mattered to me at all
right now though
counting what's left of teeth and the limbs alone
it's painful. Know that.It is plain painful.
I miss my tooth and so I miss you too.

by sreelekha premjit

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