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I Miss The Nights....(Untitled: @2000-2001)
LBR (Virgo. / Wisconsin)

I Miss The Nights....(Untitled: @2000-2001)

Poem By Lillian B. Rose

I miss the nights, I felt angels near enough to touch
I miss the calming words, silent prayers that mean so much
I miss the undying pride, I found each day anew
I miss the reassurance, I had always known in you
I miss the songs, bringing Joy to a Youthful Heart
I miss calling out, knowing you would be there
I miss loving You, Lord, I miss you so much.

I spent the time, crying out to You in Prayer
I spent the time, not always knowing what to do
I spent the time, hoping You had a place for me too
I spent the time, down on my knees for You
I spent the time, and here I am:
Alone by Your Side again

Oh to have things back as they were before
During my early years of trusting Love
Before my eyes were torn from Yours
Before my heart registered the pain You had known
As people degraded the Love You offered on the Cross
As my tears have mixed with Yours, let our voices call as One:
'Oh Father, forgive them for they know not what they have done.'

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Beautiful words that spark so many memories.