MLE (08/12/1989 / Caloocan, Philippines)

I Miss The Rain

Stretching further for the ones you’ve lost,
Wishing you could see their eyes again
Just like gazing for the same star every night
And feel them...
Feel them like how the wind touched you
Until you slowly slumber with a song
A song that umbrellas and raindrops
Could only offer now-in my lowest moments.

Mind and a heavy heart,
Pacing back and forth.
Thoughts narrow down to comprehension
That the rain is the biggest cover-up;
A mask.

So I took the rain
As an armor of choice;
Concealing every tear
That mine cheeks may encounter
Just so I can look above,
Yet again,
Without a frown or sign of weakness,

Remembering the ones who mattered most...
With a smile.

by My Lady Eagle

Comments (9)

Lovely poem! Very touching indeed!
Beautifully written. I enjoyed reading it. CA
The poem reads really well.....Amazing imagery like all of them say!
I have to agree with Samanyan, the imagery in this poem sets it apart from many of your others. And the fact that you use it to develop your themes makes it uniquely yours.
lovely imagery...pleasant to read...great work
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