BH (6-12-82 / Portland, Oregon)

I Miss You

I miss being your escape
and you being mine
I miss falling back on each other
through all the hard times.

I miss the endless nights
of laughter and tears
sharing our experiences
and what we've learned through the years.

I miss seeing your smile
and the light in your eyes
I miss being your happiness
and you being mine.

I miss feeling like
your number one girl
spending all day together
ignoring the world.

I miss having you come to me
in a time of need
I miss knowing you thought
you could tell me anything.

I miss feeling your touch
how you'd wipe my tears away
and as long as I needed to
in your arms I could stay.

I miss the look in your eyes
that told me you cared
and I miss knowing no matter what
you'd always be there.

I miss the fun times
we used to spend
but most of all
I miss my best friend.

by Brittney Heck

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This is such a beautiful and thoughtful poem! ! Very heartfelt. I really enjoyed this very much. Sincerely, Mary