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I Miss You
TAR (8-8-91 / Fresno California)

I Miss You

Poem By tHeNameLeSs23drea Andrea Rivera

I miss you so much
The way you hug me, every little touch
I miss the way you make me feel
But I do always remember thinking is this real?
I cant take this anymore
I should have done something different before
I don’t know what but something
Sadly I made you my everything so now I have nothing
I just wish you were here with me now
Crazy I know there’s no way I mean how?
“no one can get in the way of what im feelin for you”
And that’s because, I fall deeper and deeper with everything you do
You cant imagine what ive been thinking about lately
But I think about us faithfully
At times its hard
I know, you left me with a constant reminder now that im scarred
But its okay
Love over regret, it does out weigh
So now ill just think about good you do
that’s why I love you.

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