I Miss You

Poem By Cherish Marie Estep

Here and now,
sitting on my bed,
wondering why.
You said you loved me,
but now I know,
you really didn't care.
'I miss you',
is what I heard from you.
I should've known,
it was a lie.
I miss you honestly,
sitting here crying,
now I know,
you just wanted to pass the time.
And I know about that girl,
after I left,
you found someone else that you make feel special.
She will fall head over heels for you,
just as I did.
You will tell her that you love her,
and she will say it back.
You will tell her that you will miss her,
just as you did with me.
I should've had more sense.
I should'nt have started caring for you.
I should've known that you were too good to be true.
Now you have me crying because you also told me that you would'nt forget me,
but you did.
But now that you have me caring for you,
it hurts knowing that you have someone else.
Even though you have forgot me,
I will never be able to forget you like I promised.
I guess you really don't love me,
and for that,
I'm sorry that I even met you.

**Dedicated to Marc Anthany Morris**

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