I Miss You

Poem By Tex T Sarnie

Are you sitting by the fire in your favourite armchair?
Are your eyes tightly closed imagining that I'm there?
Are your fingers running through your hair like I used to do?
Is your memory taking you back to the way I used to love you?

Do you see me in your mind's eye holding you around the waist?
Are you imagining my touch and the way I stroke your face?
Do you see me in the shower with the water streaming down?
Can you see me painting my face and acting like a clown?

Are you wondering what I'm doing now without you by my side?
Are you imagining that I'm in a crowded room trying my best to hide?
Can you see us laughing together the way we used to do?
Is a tear rolling down you cheek when I whisper I love you?

Do you imagine my face smiling in the shadows by the door?
Can you hear me walking towards you as I walk across the floor?
Do you whisper and call out my name, then realise that I'm not there?
Are you staring at an empty space filled with dark despair?

When you touch your face and begin to cry are you loathing me?
Are you thinking how selfish I was to leave you so suddenly?
Can't you try to understand that I was taken without my consent?
All I can do is watch over you because of my fatal accident.

Comments about I Miss You

Well conceived and nicely brought forth in verse with rhythmic splendour. A beautiful love poem, lovely and very passionate.
The title of the poem attracted me and got me here. Bygone memories are bittersweet. To miss someone so deeply arouses pain with pleasure.
Such sadness in this poem. How our mind can torture us with memories of a lost love. We want to remember them, but without suffering. It's bittersweet, for sure. A very touching poem.

Rating Card

4,8 out of 5
3 total ratings

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