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I Miss You
SA (16-11-90 / Albury)

I Miss You

This is dedicated to Matt Stanley, R.I.P.

It began like a dream,
Perfect smile,
A perfect guy,
A smile that’s never forgetful,
But it ended like a nightmare.
One night,
One party,
Could change everything,
On his little brothers birthday,
It wasn’t only one punch.
They wouldn’t stop,
It didn’t stop.
There were no boundaries in this killers mind.
First only a teenager,
The next day a killer
Too young to be punished,
It was funny to him,
Kicking a 15 year old boy in the head
So hard to give brain damage,
Blood at his feet,
But that didn’t stop him.
He ran,
Ran far away,
But he was found,
Not that he would be charged.
Matt pasted away
A best mate lost forever,
I love you matt,
I miss you,
Its not goodbye,
I will see you later.

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