I Miss You

I miss you on rainy days
Miss your arms around my waist
Your breath on my neck
Your touch without regret

I miss you on hot days
Your smiles burning my heart
Your eyes so deep and dark
Your hands all though my hair

I miss you playing me the guitar
I miss you singing me in the dark
I miss you holding me in the hall
I miss you carrying me when I fall
I miss you and that's not all

I miss your rhymes at night
I miss you sight at day light
I miss having you in my life
I miss grabbing your arms so tight

I miss you
And I need you here right now
Or else I'll die

by Jennifer Beauge

Comments (2)

you have no idea how much i relate to your poem right now. its really great to thumbs up kat
Jennifer, Hi! This is a really nice poem, and I can totally relate to it! ! :)