I Miss You Mr. Mcknight

You used to try and make me laugh
It usually didn’t work
But in the end I always did
Fall for your sweet smirk
I didn’t think Id find you
In such an awful place
And whether or not appropriate
I wanted to see your face
You sat in front in every class
I don’t remember learning
But I do remember you
And my heart that kept on burning
I do admit to love
And I wanted it to be true
But you did in fact hurt me
And there was nothing I could do
I miss my first flirtation
And seeing you everyday
I think of you still
In a heartbroken awful way
You will always be my first love
It might be left at that
But I hope to see you again some day
And you won’t think of me as just fat

by Abby Wesson

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i really like the poem