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I Miss You So Much
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Miss You So Much

Here I am sat thinking about you,
Im sure I hear you call my name,
Amy, Amy, Amy.
As I turn to see who's calling me
I see no one, only hear your voice.
What are you Trying to tell me?

I glance across the room,
To see if anyone else hears it too.
But no one seems to notice the look of shock on my face.

I miss you so much, I keep telling you,
But you don't seem to hear me.
I wish Id told you I loved you more.

Still you're calling out my name, only louder,
As the tears roll down my face,
I miss you all the more.
As I look around the room.
I expect to see you there.

Then I realized you are gone.
I look to see if any one else has heard you too.
Seems it's only me who heard.

Are you trying to tell me something.
Cos i want you to no I love you.
I miss you and think about you all the time.

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