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I Miss You So Much
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

I Miss You So Much

I miss you
i just wish you would come back to
me that i could just see you one more time
that i could just sing you one more rhyme
that i could just talk to once more
that my heart wouldn't be so sore
why have you forsaken me so
we could take things slow
just come back
i miss you so much don't force me to pack
my things and come after you
i can only wish that you miss me too
that this isn't only one sided
but even if it is i just want you back
i dont want us to be divided
ill be with your friend, lover, or boyfriend whichever you lack
no matter what i am to you i miss you and i need you once more
please come back i miss you so get this message let my heart soar
and be with me one more time for the rest of time

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