CM (1980 / Arizona)

I Morn For The Loss That Was Never Mine To Lose

I sit in my empty house, walls mocking me.

I sit with an empty heart, love mocking me

I sit in a pool, self pitty is my water

I sit knowing the fool, the mirror does not lie

I sit discontent, sorrow swarms aound me

I sit for lack of motivation, energy fails me

I sit morning, I know not what just yet

I sit thinking, logic has failled me

I sit missing something, something I never had

I sit as world spins round, not caring that I sit

I sit and I will sit and soon I will forget

I sit forgetting, what it is I was morning

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Very well done.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (20)
You have found a great way to express the to ends of the spectrum in this piece. Great work Peace