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I Must Be Dreaming
AS (20/04/1987 / )

I Must Be Dreaming

Today i climbed Mount Everest
to the very summit
i gazed at the world as an astronaut would
as the icy breeze swayed me where i stood
what a feeling!
somebody pinch me
i must be dreaming!

Today i inherited a large fortune
and bought myself a house by the beach
there were dolphins performing on the water
and the sunset was painted gold
what a feeling!
somebody pinch me
i must be dreaming!

Today i set off around the world
traveling first class
a comfy cushion on my chair
a champagne filled wine glass
and a taste of freedom in the air
what I'm feeling
but this can't be real!
i must be dreaming!

Today i was all i wanted to be
after a lifelong search
i looked intently into the mirror
and this is what i see
an empty mirror staring back at me
there was no real feeling
because the one who was looking
was too busy dreaming!

Today i woke up from my dreams
i got out of bed
and went off to work after a bit of groaning
i came home and turned on the news
nothing but the usual
wars, crime and disaster lead the stories
some people say its unfair
because we awaken from our sweet dreams
to find we are living in a nightmare!

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