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I Must Do It Now
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Must Do It Now

One Cold Rainy Night
I sit in my room out of sight
I dont mean it by slight.

I look at a bottle of Pills and a knife
Wondering which one should end my life
I no longer want a life of strife

I must do it tonight
Before Midnight
When there tucked up in bed
So they dont find me.

I learned life isn't fair
And No one Cares

I pick up the knife
My life is done
One quick slash
And In a flash I'm on the floor

I lie there dying as you walk in
You scream at the sight
You want to save.
I plead for you not to.

But as we get to the hospital
The machine goes dead.
They cant revive me.
I've gone

'Mum, I gave up the fight'
As I lay back
My whole world goes Black

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