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I Must Go On
MJB (July 1,1985 / Washington, DC)

I Must Go On

Poem By Michael J. Burt

unfortunately, i was wrong,
so i must go on.
you're not what i thought
not who you said
not what i expected
just a figment of my imagination.
fooling my every thought.
proven to me, what you were not,
and the unbearable pain, i can't take inside

your smile won't let me leave
your touch gives me so much grief
who you are won't let us be
it's true, loving you, is like loving me

i hate to let you go,
and don't want you to be gone,
but this is what i have to do
because i can't let this continue.
unspeakable, inseparable, are my feelings for you
stuck to my heart like glue
it was perfect as i strived for perfection,
but, it was too good to be true

i was doing you wrong, as you were doing me too
i never lied, although i didn't tell you
this can no longer be,
it's most definitely true,
because loving you, is like loving me

i'm sorry but i must go on

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