I Must Keep Fighting

I must keep going.
I cannot give up.
Dreading each step of the path I walk
I can't breathe
I yearn to quit
Unable to stop
I continue down the road
I look behind me
Screaming in terror
at the thought of my past
Voices tell me to give up
That I'm broken
That I can't be fixed
But I must keep going
I must keep fighting
I cannot give up
I have to see the end.

by SC. Crews

Comments (3)

An amazing poem carrying optimistic expression, I quote I must keep fighting/I cannot give up. Thanks for sharing! You may like to read my poem 'Ode To MY Conscience'. Thank you
An insightful depiction of the power of positive thinking. Beautiful motivational poem well articulated and nicely encapsulated from the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Sarah.
Sarah, such an inspiring poem👍👍👍