I Must Quit

I must quit, fellow do admit it
now matter how much blows I hit
success or anything I'd get
a chamber underground I'll fit
no rest oh man, when wilt thou learn?
must know that life will twist and turn
let thou know this, oh dear fellow
whereso I run, ruin wilt follow
many nations, kingdoms after all
did rise up high but then did fall
so, the best thou dost, I'll tell thee what
do quit, and never say a but

by Abdullah Ajjan Al Hadid

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From dust we go back to dust one day or another. This is a fact of life and we must recognize it, however, those who are still alive but considered themselves already dead are not better off than those truly dead! I am still alive until my last breath and fully enjoy every minute of life! A well penned and poignant write! 10+++ God Bless you for always! Love and Peace...