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I Must Stop Swearing

I Must Stop Swearing


I wish I could stop swearing
It really is a vice
For people with good hearing
It isn’t very nice

I bought a book on e-Bay
Entitled ‘Help Yourself’
I read it in just one long day
Now it’s gathering dust on the shelf

This constant profanity flow..
It turns the air navy blue
If I dropp some-thing on my toe
‘Dear me’ somehow just won’t do

I feel a lot better now
I know what is causing these fits
I read about it in ‘Now’
I’ve got a disease called Tourettes!

copyright Victoria George

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Comments (3)

Swearing definitely has it's place, it's part of the vernacular. Keep that sailors tongue!
There are those rare moments when profanity is an absolute necessity! Excellent.
Swearing is just so much fun, but there not really words most people want to hear.