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' I Must Tell You This Story'
(still working on it! / Chicago Illinois)

' I Must Tell You This Story'

“I Must Tell You This Story'

I have, A Story I Must Tell!
Of a Prince who lived so long ago.
He came to earth as a babe with nothing
Birthed in a manger and wrapped in Swaddling clothes.

His name had not yet been given
But a King to some, it was known.
For one day to wear, a crown of jewels
And to sit at the right hand, of His Father’s throne.

He came to earth given a task
To speak the words of His reason for coming.
But there were those who did not listen or like
The words of Love and mercy, His lips were compounding.

“I am the way, the truth and the light! ”
“For no man may come to the Father, but through me! ”
But even though the people wanted to follow this Messiah
They knew they would be crucified, if thought to believe.

One day this man was crucified
And nailed, and hung upon a plain wooden cross.
Still He lives to save all mankind
Cleansing sins, from all who
Are dying of sin and lost.

This is a story that I had to tell
So that you could know the true meaning why.
That every Christmas day, I weep
And my heart aches for the Babe born
That on a cross for my sins, He died.

So while you’re opening up your presents
Keep the birth of Jesus in your hearts and minds.
For this is the true meaning of Christmas Day my friends
And shall remain, until the end of time!

God Bless; and
“Merry Christmas! ”

Copyright: 2008
By: Linda Winchell

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a wise story very well penned...10++++
Oh I do agree dear sister in Christ. 'He was crucified, died and was buried. He arose again on the third day...' From His humble birth on a bed of hay in a manger that first Chirstmas day to His physical death on Good Friday and His rising on Easter Sunday He was proclaimed to be the King of the Jews, but they didn't listen to Him, or even acknowledge His holy life. But today Christianity has spread all over teh world, even to third world countries. He is God's son, and in order to reach heaven we must believe in His name for He will judge the living and the dead, and the meek shall inherit the earth. This poem tells of His birth and His physical death, so that Christ teh son of God will live on forever. A 10+++++ and thank you for sharing this inspirational message. Love & hugs, your sister in Christ our Lord, Barbara
this poem touched me heart, very true. very good poem! !
JESUS speaks: if three persons we speak mine with names - I am there. And when I read it, I feel the God with us... Thank you, Linda, for this a poem.... 10x10 Tsira
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