*~i Need A Favor~*

Poem By Mary Nagy

Walk with me through sorrow.
Erase for me my shame.
Teach me of forgiveness.
Tell me I've no blame.

Reach into my darkness
and pull me to the light.
Read to me from your book.
Help me learn tonight.

Give to me your comfort
when that is all I ask.
Be there just to hold me...
a very simple task.

I'll return the favor.
One day you'll need me too.
I'll wash away your pain.
I will see you through.

Comments about *~i Need A Favor~*

Oh, the power of friendship and the resilience of humanity! Enjoying your poems Mary! Helen
Hi Mary I have not been around latly but I had to see if you were still on the site. Great work here love the words of this poem a perfect read Cheers Sylvie
shines so true of how i feel in my situation with me out of work. my wife is the only one working and it makes me feel so bad about myself. i just feel so lucky that she can carry me in my times of sorrow, and i feel i want to carry her and show her the same love she has shown me.
Nice favor mary, I have a favor to ask, write another one like this hihihihi Love dave xxx
By its very simplicity, this poem speaks. Hold me, just for a moment, love me, let me know that you are there for me. How very beautiful this is, with its quiet voice and gentle tone. Thank you, Mary.

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