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I Need A New Heart

I Need A New Heart

Poem By Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

I need heart surgery, I think perhaps I must.
That's what you do when you've a broke part.
You go to the doctor to have it fixed or made new.
I'll have them cut open my chest and give me a heart.

If I budget I can pay off the surgery in a few years.
Then I will have love, compassion and all I used to.
After all this one is no good just sitting there broken.
And people keep saying to hurry up and get over you.

So I'll get a new heart, that's a grand idea.
After awhile it won't hurt so much, just a scar.
I'll be happy again, I'll laugh and smile again.
Perhaps I'll be at peace, just like they say you are.

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