RL (01-10-1987 / California)

I Need Air

Grasping for every second spared to keep myself from drowning

But deeper and deeper the waves seem to control me.

Every bit of my body fights for just one last breath of survival, no last breath for a chance, but went further and further.

I can see the sun shining brightly as the rays continued to hit the water, see a shadow on the deck of the stores, but then it becomes punier.

Trying to scream, but something is pulling me down; I fought, kicked, and pushed-

But I never got any closer.

Cannot survive and never got a chance to leave last words.

Closed my eyes unwillingly as I forced to let it go…

Need air to breathe to foretell some last thoughts, but darkness takes over me.

Feel my body getting weaker as the water becomes my proprietor.

I now belong to the sea, somewhere lost along the shores-

You won't ever find me.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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