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I Need More Love,

I need that love,
Need that love,
More from this love that is from Spiritual Truth,
In all of me that I can see love that will never die,
In all that is to be done under the son,
I can perceive that all their hate will make them fade,
Righteousness will prevail,
Even the wicked will fail in His plans to ruin,
But the love that is from that Higher is the calling,
I'm I calling,
That the new calling is all upon my soul,
In all my suffering soul,
I will never sleep,
Thinking that in all motivation,
This is the never ending truth that will let me live,
Iam living with a purpose,
That I can never doubt this calling,
That in my heart, mind and soul,
You are living with a purpose,
That in all my steps,
I need love that is Higher and higher than these,
Thinking that all my motivation is living with a calling,
I can never doubt the Earth's Immutability,
That in all my calling I need love,
Looking at the Worldly Volition,
Keep calling on and on,
That you may come to see faith from Glorious Heavenly dwelling,
This is the lesson that I have to learn from all life moments.

by maxpoet beauty

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