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~~~~~i Need My Friend, My Sister, My Crying Shoulder ~~~~~

How can everything close to me fade away
I walk around and my mind will stray
When everything seemed right in our eyes
It was wrong to everyone around
But everything is leave me to fall to the ground
Everyone watches me as I fall but you don’t understand
I need someone to please grab my hand
I’m walking around and nothing seems real
To bad you cant feel the pain I feel
I thought you loved me and I thought you cared
But you wont listen to our side so we don’t even dare
I stair into space just hoping for the memories to make me smile
Why do you always make me feel like i’m on trial
Don’t try to tell me that she is bad
You just want the four year old that you thought you had
Did you think she was something I was going to forget
Just let it go I never was and I’m not going to be your little pet
Talking to you gets us no where
You lied, you said you would always be here
I cant handle this mess that you forced on to me
And we all know that this isn’t the way it should be
You were never there when I felt the walls around me burned
You weren’t there to show me all the things I learned
I wont forget that you took her away
You always tell me not to forget yesterday
Have you lot sight of everything I am, everything I want
Is this just your way of stopping me from becoming you
She isn’t going to lead me into the things that she went threw
She watches out for me when I feel blind
I was happy and I didn’t think you would mind
Why did you do that and let me fall toward the ground
You took away the sister that I had found
Why didn’t you let me be happy I was okay
I mean truly what do you want me to say
Yes i’m not like what you thought
But this is the daughter that you got
I don’t want to talk to you you’re the one that caused this mess
didn’t you notice I talk to you less and less
You never took the time to look inside and see the girl getting older
I just need my friend, my sister, my crying shoulder! !

by Michelle Guza

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Nice poem Michelle. Ashish.