RD (07311956 / North Carolina)

I Need To Disappear

I wish that I could just simply disappear and go away.
I want to run from here as fast and far away as I can.
I need to leave here and leave everyone behind me.
I need to vanish like to wind and not return.
Stage my death and go forever before I ruin your life too.
I do not why I do the things that I do.
They are not meant to hurt.
They are just simple spur of the moment and not meant to cause you pain.
I did not mean to make you feel like you were less.
I did not mean to make you like you were not the best.
You are the one with my heart clamped tight in your fist and that is where I want it to stay.
I am there within your grasp because that is where I chose to be.
I could leave anytime but I chose not too.
This place in your arms is where I belong and need to be.


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