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I Need To Fly

I think I need to fly now,
To seek out pastures new,
Let me soar just like an eagle,
Find solace in a view.

Behold majestic landscape,
Of which I now belong,
I’m higher than a mountain,
And sweeter than a song.

I see you now so clearly,
From my vantage point on high,
And all that lies between us,
Is the nothingness of sky.

A sky so full of colours,
Not just the shades of blue,
They dazzle with their brilliance,
Make a rainbow just for you.

A scene that’s ever changing,
Yet still it looks the same,
You gaze upon this masterpiece,
Which has no other name.

You look and see the eagle,
Do you know, you now see me,
Or do you see the sparrow,
On the branch, upon your tree.

I think I need to fly now,
My mission is complete,
I came, I saw, I conquered,
Are you happy in defeat?

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