HH (July 18,1989 / Arkadelphia)

I Need To Get Away

I wish I could get away
Find a place other than here
This place has nothing but pain to offer
Pain is not what I need right now

I need to get away
For maybe a week or more
I don't need to cry anymore
I don't need this pain

I've taken all I can take
And now I want to do is punch the wall
This pain just doesn't wanna leave
I can't handle it anymore

Its all inside of me
All this pain balled up
I'm crying and can't stop
Wanting the suicide thoughts to fade

Everything I've been through
I thought I killed it
But it keeps coming back
I don't know what to do

I need to get away
Cause I don't feel like staying here
I'm afraid of harming myself again
Cause I just can't handle this anymore

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Comments (3)

the sense, the sense is admirable, strong passion is there, which makes the reader careless about the arrhythmic format
My life exactly. Its scary to see my own life written by someone I have never even met! Even sleep never seems to kill the pain. I hope your pain is over by now.
Somehow, most members here in PH have one thing in common: PASSION! Through poetry, we obtain a leeway to express our sentiments be it good or bad. It helps us ease the pain, boredom, love, and even hate! Let us absorb it and face the problems suarely, don't get away from it or it will run after you for life. This poem have passion, top marks.