I Need To Seek His Face

I do need The Lord all of the time, not just when things fall apart,
I need Him in His rightful place, right on the throne of my heart.

For when things go awry, I known immediately to Him I can turn,
But seeking His face all the time is something I still need to learn.

Sometimes when things are going well, I forget He's still by my side,
And I know that if He was in my place, from me He sure wouldn't hide.

Sometimes when I approach a task that seems to be so commonplace,
I say to myself I've been here before and then I don't seek His face.

There are times when my old heart of stone says do this on your own,
These are the times when my drive alone pushes Christ off the throne.

Trust in The Lord with all your heart not on your own understanding,
In my life however this verse is often left out of my daily planning.

Acknowledge Him in all you say and do and He will direct your path,
And not to acknowledge The Lord, may bring an unpleasant aftermath.

As a child of God I can plan my course, but He directs every step,
He keeps me within the sound of His breath, as in His hand I'm kept.

So the time of day to first seek The Lord is right at the very start,
And since He will never depart, I need Him on the throne of my heart.

So I need to obey without asking why before my plans again go awry,
For God promised to direct my path and He is not a man who can lie.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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