HC (11-28-1992 / las vegas, Nevada)

I Need To Tell You....

I wish I knew how to say this
I hope you understand me
I pray you dont get mad at me
you need to know how i really feel
hopefully you'll listen good
maybe you care maybe not
all i have to say is:

From the first time i met you
I was attracted to you
I wanted to get to know you more and more
I fell in love with you
but you were already taken
now you barely talk to me anymore
I miss you
I miss when you call me three in the morning just to say I love you
I miss hearing your voice and your cute laughter
I miss yor singing and you being silly on the phone
you made me so happy
I cried in joy
when you told me that you love me and want to spend the rest of your life with me
you swore to me you were serious and i'm holding you to it
i just wanted you to know
I miss you and I love you babe

~Love always,

by Hali Curtis

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Very sweet.... it holds together nicely.