I Need You



I need your loving arms around me,
I need your hands in mine,
I need your love to surround me,
I need your heart tangled up with mine,
I need to hear your laughter as you express your glee,
I need you by my side, won't you walk along with me,
I need to know the passion, that lays deep within your eyes,
I need to hear your breathing and your gentle sighs,
I need you in my dreams, whether day or night,
I need your love to guide me, to be my guiding light,
I need to feel you beside me, every single night,
I need to feel the comfort, I have when I'm with you,
I need to have your love, I know that love is true,
I need you when I awake, I need you when I retire,
I need you here with me, you set my soul on fire,
I need to know you hear me, when to your heart I plead,
I need your love entirely, that is what I need.

written by Harry Bryant
1/12/05 01: 51: 33 AM �
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By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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a nice simple poem talking about love. love is something everyone needs. without it you are nothing. nice poem.