I Need You

I tried to sleep
as the stars twinkled high above.
Snuggled under my warm, soft blankets,
I dreamed of you.
I thought back to when we were the best of friends,
calling each other and laughing the night away.
We knew what everyone else was searching for
and we were lucky enough to have found it in each other.
You always gave me a hug
to cheer me up,
or flashed me your million dollar smile
if I was feeling stressed.
Your soothing voice always had that comforting tone
that could put my worst thoughts at ease.
I truly, honestly loved you.
Then we decided to 'take a break'.
We thought that we would always be friends,
but we were proved wrong.
I thought back to how sincere you sounded
when you said that you'd never forget me.
Now, as I le here under my blankets,
I wonder if I'm forgotten
or perhaps put on the back burner for a while.
I've come to terms with the fact that you're gone.
But I often wish,
(too ofter, really)
that I had you back once again to cheer me up,
or relieve my stress,
or put me at ease.
I needed you then,
I need you now,
and I will need you forever.

by Chrissy Robinson

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