MM (4th November 1993 / Lahore, Pakistan)

I Need You

Truths and lies have now made me numb,
Even tears of mine do not know why they rain.

The truth hits me as it comes,
Shatters darkness as it sprinkles light.
Then the lie comes and slaps me,
Slaps me into darkness;
Suffocating what I seek to feel.

Uncertainty has left me to shiver,
Shiver in my own crowded mind.
The lie has made my tears evaporate,
Then condense into poison
Poison that drives down my face
And pierces my conscience.

Oh my conscience
Where have you gone?
I need you.
You are the reason I stand.
Without you my reality is a lie.
Please come back to me.
Without you my emotions won’t survive.

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Yr words have a silent depth which silently touches the heart especiall the end is so nice.. Keep it up n thanx for sharing yr thoughts.. *smile4ever*
everybody need somebody...thats an instinct we need in our life..nice touching poem..greatly penned..10 Ency Bearis
' When I needed you most, your not there '.My heart trembles, I almost collapse.Heart crunching poem! Nice writes Mehreen.