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I Need You Heree;

you turned
and I started to watch you walk away
but I shut my eyes
and let my mind take a picture
and I whispered
“I won’t miss him.”
I didn’t look long enough
to know if you turned around
and glanced back
and if you did,
I know, I gave you the wrong impression
eyes closed, talking to no one but myself
I probably looked like I didn’t need your help
but my lips moved to the words goodbye
and my mind misted over with memories
and my tongue tied to prevent
me from saying all the things
that might have saved us,
and you probably think I don’t remember standing,
with you by my side
but I don’t remember standing without you there
and you probably think I don’t

but I need you here.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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you should of screamed! ! ! but i know sometimes i just wont come out.. very lovely writing i feel your words come alive.. maybe because i could relate to these feeling.. love it.