You Left The Rainy Day

When I fall
You gently pull me up
Two hand contact
Just a few seconds
But the temperature of my hand
Still retained
When you left
Raindrops drip on my skin and hair
But I felt like it was falling on me
Wind - call
Like a cry
With the tears of heaven
Just describe how I feel right now
The wind and rain came together
There will be a melody
This kind of melody
People and umbrellas
It covers you
Like a dark cloud
I want to see the sunshine like flowers
The sight of you
Even if you always leave
Even watching you leave will be more sad
I want to see you too
I'd rather watch you leave
You don't want to look in your direction but you can't see you
I didn't even know you were gone
The flowers and plants would rather be heartbroken to see the sun go down
I don't want to wait until the clouds are over
When does the sun go down
Don't know
I see a grass
It's in a car
It won't
Wait for the clouds to disperse
It will follow the vehicle
To another place
Watch the sun go down
I ran into the station
I saw the sun like a flower
I didn't keep you
Even if I could keep you
I won't keep you
Because I know
You are the sun
The sun never shines on the earth
At half past the
You're leaving
Although the clouds are still there
But I feel
The sun
In the fall

by junyu.debg deng

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I like this.....Its simple yet very simple and brings a lively meanings...! Great!