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I Need Your Direction In This Love Thing
DW Desiree Whitamore ( / Israel)

I Need Your Direction In This Love Thing

alright. you really need to speak up.
you really need to tell me you love me
you really need to prove to me
that im where i need to be.

you've got to understand
that i have these stupid insecurities
and i can't just take what i get
not when it comes to you and me.

do you know how much i miss you?
when you're not in touch with me?
you don't think i feel insane?
i knooowww you think im crazy

but baby thhhatts a chance im taking
because i just, i never got it before you
so this thing we've got going on,
is just, really foreign and new.

haha, im a total girl.
for acting this way right?
i hate being this cliche
this ultra clingy stereotype.

god, im just babbling.
i hear myself doing so
but i've never felt this deep falling
so really, direct me where to go.

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