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I Need Your Love
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I Need Your Love

Poem By Uriah Hamilton

I need you when I’m alone
And my heart is a dark, friendless street
In a cruel, compassionless city;
I need you because hope
Vanishes like a waking dream
When I lie in my restless bed
Without you breathing next to me;
I need your voice encouraging me
To yet see God despite personal weaknesses
Bringing me to my knees
With habits of defeat;
I need your love
Because this cold survival
Has run such a barren course
That I no longer recognize myself
As a human being that a woman would touch
And bring into her home.

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Comments (9)

ahhh Uriah.. what I can say.. apart from when the right person comes she will put you into her heart that is not a mere house. her heart will be a palace :) Take care HBH
oh my goodness Uriah, I dunno what to say..do you know how powerful this is?
This poem oozes longing and loneliness. You have done it well with your rewriting. The line 'my heart is a dark, friendless street' says it all. Your writing gets better, Uriah. Raynette
Uncliched honesty about the heart is hard to find around here. This is the real stuff.
as a human being that a woman would touch... exquisite. salut.