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I Needed Help

When I needed help
No one was there,
They none could be found
Or they just stood looking into the air.
Onto my back I carried such a heavy load,
All from the acts that they had sowed.

When I needed a hand
There was none out reaching,
They were now held behind their backs
Now they were all teaching.
They forgot the lessons that they were taught,
When for my help they had drastically sought.

The doors were now all closed
After knowing where I have been,
Whereas my door has always been opened
To allow anyone to come in.
They all forgot where they once were all at,
So, now they flipped over their welcome mat.

They put their fingers into their ears
So, that they couldn't hear my cry,
They then looked up towards the heavens at God
So, on the ground they wouldn't see where I lie.
But, soon I know that when they splinter and fall,
Then upon my door again I will hear them call.

Randy L. McClave

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