I Needed You

Father, where are you? You called me into being. Was it in a
moment of LOVE for me, or my mother, or was it just a moment
of selfish desire? I saw you only briefly. And then you were gone!
I needed you to hold me to your heart-so I may know LOVE.
I needed to put my hand in yours, so that when I stumbled I may
not fall. I needed your words, so that I would know how to speak.

I needed your arms around me to protect me from all the bad
things that may come my way. GOD gives us a MOTHER and the FATHER,
but you made your space in my life so brief. How can I hold your
LOVE in my heart when I don't even know you? But the sad part,
you have taught me you are incapable of loving me, a tiny
helpless being of complete LOVE from HEAVEN. Father, I am part of
you, and you are part of me.Together, both your lives could be so
rich with treasured moments that last both of us all our lives
Just ask any girl who was called from HEAVEN by a loving father.
You and I can create HEAVEN on EARTH just being together. Until
I find that special person you can place my hand in his and say,
"take this treasure from HEAVEN and share it with your children."

by Bertha Gonzalez

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