JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)

I Never

I never dreamed Seduction's voice
would vanish with the rise of day.
Abandonment, a hurting choice,
has caused my jaded soul to fray.

I never felt that Passion's touch
would softly stroke another's skin.
Confusion clouds the dream I clutch,
which leaves me cold and void within.

I never thought that Sin's embrace
would wrap itself around my waist.
Temptation dwelled in beauty's face
which caused my love to be erased.

I never knew that Rapture's flight
would come so close, then slip away.
Betrayal surfaced in the night
and forced my broken heart to stray.

I never guessed that Pleasure's dance
would light the flame of love anew.
Entrancement brings a fresh romance
that tills the soil where sadness grew.

I never dreamed Devotion's gate
would open for one fleeting chance.
Affection sent to captivate,
now blossoms with a second glance.

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