I Never

Poem By Khalid Mansour Saleh

I never want to see your eyes water
I never want to see your mouth turn upside down
I never want to see you alone
I never want to see you hurt

Your hugs will always lift me higher
Your eyes will always tell the truth
Your mouth will move, to speak the words
The words that mean the world

Any words from you can make the birds sing
The world happier and make the saddest of people smile
We all share a common factor of smiling
So come on say these words, so for one split moment,
The world can smile.

Sitting at the beach watching the waves
I hear the bird sing, I realise you spoke
To me they sound like poetry
Like Shakespeare and Keates
To everyone else, they are just word spoken,
By a person, who shines inside.

To feel those words around your head
Feels like the moment can last forever
To give you the strength to seize the day
If only for tomorrow, we will stay.

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