I Never Cried

Poem By Zee Bebany

When I was trapped in the cage of darkness
When loneliness crept into my life
I never cried

When the hand I knew I would hold on forever,
left me alone to fend for my self...
I never cried

When the days seemed mere illusion
when the dusk was coming in
I never cried

Whoever felt life is strange, I felt mine was stranger
'cos it never felt the same before
The bright sun looked so dull
The stars seemed to fade away
Like everything was crumbling before me
I was helpless, so very helpless
All this... I never cried

I wanted to emerge stronger,
I wanted to win the situation.
Didnt want to be the way others wanted me to be
I wanted to be myself.

I wanted to touch the sky, I knew it was'nt impossible
I was confident
I was sure 'bout it
But look what happened to me
Everything was lost
All my dreams, all my hopes were shattered
Right before my eyes
I could'nt do a thing, I could'nt save it

And it happened all because of me..still
I never cried

And I know I will never cry
because those were the tests of time
Tests designed by God, for me, for everyone
It is how we percieve and face them rather than running away
Rather than killing yourself
Rather than blaming others
Or crying and making yourself vulnerable

I know I never cried
And I am sure I will never cry
But face everything like a mountain

But too tired to do it anymore

Comments about I Never Cried

great poem...10 from me.
This is a very beautiful poem I like it a lot. I give it a 10. Keep on writing.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. Well, crying sometimes is not bad as it helps soothe the pain of the heart with every tears that falls. Crying does not mean actually cowardness to face every trials but more of an outward manifestation of the desire to fight sorrows and pain. Cry if you must for it is good for the heart and for the cleaning of our eyes. I too often cry when I remember my fate in the world of love but it inspired me to seek and look forward to a better and dearer love. love lots, melvin

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