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I Never Even Told Him Thank You
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Never Even Told Him Thank You

My dad had been sober for almost 2 years.
(that was his longest sobriety of my life)
My brother was gone to a friends house for the night
and my dad knew I was bored.
He said to get dressed in my nicest dress
because he was taking me to dinner.
I thought this was sorta corny....
He tried to make a big deal about it
like it was a ''Father/Daughter Night''.
I had never had a fancy dinner
with just my dad and I.

When we pulled up to Mountain Jacks
(one of the nicer restaurants in the Lansing area at the time)
I'm ashamed to admit, I was embarrassed.
It was around prom time
and I hadn't planned on ''being seen''
with my dad at a fancy restaurant.

While the hostess seated us
I grew more embarrassed
as we passed the teenage couples
sitting close together in their booths.
I couldn't believe I let him talk me into this!

All I could think was
''Thank God she put us at an out-of-the-way table! ''
Instead of enjoying myself I worried how it must look
to be seen having dinner with my dad
while other people my age where at their prom.
Afterall,16 was way too old to think dinner with daddy was fun!

I love shrimp but I had never tasted lobster tail
so my dad let me order the lobster tail
(and he ordered an appetizer platter
with the most delicious variety of shrimps I've ever tasted)
He never looked at the cost.
He ordered himself the filet mignon.
(he always gushed over how the ''rich people'' ate filet mignon) .

Well, being the brat I was, I didn't like the lobster tail.
My dad didn't either.
But, he traded me dinners and pretended he didn't mind.
I sat there and ate the filet mignon.
I never even told him thank you.

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Comments (7)

I think immaturity is the cause of many regrets. I can remember being embarressed to be seen with my parents also. We all have moments we wish we could have back. A beautiful tribute to your Dad! Brian
You always do such a great job at inviting us into important moments of your life, even when they're important hindsight. Thank you, Mary!
This is a wonderful and touching piece Mary. The skill you show with the imaginative use of free verse is to be admired. To have portrayed this emotion in any other way; to have divided it into stanzas, adhering to strict rhyme pattern would have destroyed the whole effect. As it stands, this is one of your most inventive pieces and is definately something to be proud of.
Memories like this can stay with you all your life. But time is remarkable; you can revisit it and remake it. Here you have produced a moving poem. I think your father has been waiting and is now content that you have come in your full circle. lots of love 2006 and on! Linda
Oh, Mary. This one made me cry like a baby. But don't worry, darlin - your dad understood. He knew what you were feeling and thinking at that time because he used to feel and think the same things when he was 16, but it didn't matter. He enjoyed himself because he was with his baby and he loved you. And he knew that when you matured you would look back on that moment as one of your most precious with him. I know he's gone now, but I know he's looking down on you with a huge smile on his face because he's so very proud of you. After all - look how beautiful and talented you are? What more could a daddy ask for? Shannon xoxo
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