I Never Knew

Thoughts of u drumming
feelings storming back,
to you i owe appologies,
i never knew.

As i boarded the train,
riding to happiness,
leaving u was the right thing,
you sat there in a pool of tears.

The unknows promised a fresh start,
a life of love and laughter,
a better life without you,
how was i day dreaming.

Now im looking back,
a ride fatal mistake,
how could i have baan such a fool,
leaving all i need behind.

Rushing my way back,
hoping wishing im not late,
where can i find you,
the platforms is empty.

I never knew what you meant,
how dear and precious,
i held gold in my hands,
how blind could one be.

I never knew i love you,
took me leaving to realise,
now sitting in solitude,
if only you can see me now.

The road i took,
leading to heartache and pain,
loneliness and tears,
road i never had to take.

You have a home in my heart,
build with love joy peace amd happiness
solid and undimolishable,
never knew i love you so

by 107 tshepzen

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