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I Never Knew
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

I Never Knew

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Years have gone by since we met.
Choices have been made, and allot of love gained.

Yet....still in the distance feelings are there......
I never knew......that they were there.

The feeling of helplessness.....with knowing our past.
The feeling of surrender knowing our love may pass.

Yet.....I still love you all the same.
My heart knows no other or lingers away.
You are my heart and for the most its been enough.

But still its there.....I never knew it may not be enough.

The emotional roller coaster of man & wife.
The lost and unforgiving mistress who stands away from the light.
The daughter who brings such hope & joy.

Yet in it all.......love beats its cord.

I will loose you this I know....

My heart wants to hold on......

Yet still I know.....

Your life is one way and mine is not.

Your dreams go one way within them I am not.

Every word I have wrote or spoke to you comes from my heart, please know that first.

But....you chose your path and now I must choose mine.

Without you in it will be a very lonely ride. But I love you enough to let you go.....

Please keep my heart with you where ever you go.

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