I Never Meant To Do This

Poem By Amber Millar

I never meant to do this,
I'm sorry,
I never meant to fall for you,
I'm sorry,
You don't get it,
I know you don't,
That shirt you were wearing,
Just yesterday,
Was really cool,
I wanted to ask you were you got it,
But I was didn't have the courage,
I always wonder what you're listening to when you have your earphones in,
But I'm always too scared to ask,
You always stare at me,
It messes with me,
You know that?
Everytime your eyes meet mine,
Everytime you smile that gorgeous smile,
All the walls I put up crumble,
All the defences I assembled shatter,
Everything I put into locking you out,
Falls and you walk straight in,
Straight into my heart,
Could you stop shaking your hair like that?
Could you stop rolling your sleeves up when you work?
Could you stop laughing so loudly when I'm in the next room?
Could you stop walking past me?
Could you stop staring at me all the time?
Could you, please, just let me go?

I love you,
But you just don't understand,
I never meant for this to happen,
I never meant to do this,
But, somehow, I still did...

Comments about I Never Meant To Do This

we really never mean to fall in love. but why do we?
Hey Amber- yes it is me :) I jsut wanted to say that I think it's actually a really good poem- I know what its about, but it's so moving and that....okay, Im gonna stop going all gooey and mushy on you XD But all I wanted to say is that I think it's really good and you are a natural poet! xxx
Amber, Very lovely poems.... Beautifully write...10.... Tsira

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