AP (January 21 1990 / Washington)

I Never Meant To...

I never meant to cause you pain
but instead that's what I made you gain.

I never meant to make you cry
or even make you wish you'd die.

I only wanted us to go for ever
and every trial to endeavor.

Every tear that we have shead
and every though of being dead
happened because of me
and this I want you to see.

I did not go with another
the problem was our mothers

they never agreed about us two
they said they want the best for me and you.

they felt their job was to make us break up
like if our love was poured out of a cup.

We may not survive one more day
but there is something I must say

I love you with all my heart
and I told you that right from the start.....

by Arielle Perkins

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I really liked It, it had depth and i feel for ya.