I Never Saw Her Cry.

She did not shed a single tear,
the weeks that she lay dying.
No pain was felt to feed her fear
the morphine soaked up every tear
I never saw her crying.

She'd only ask, 'Don't leave me here
alone, she says, while sighing.
I held her hand, sat very near
played music loud so she could hear.
I never saw her crying.

And now the silence deafens,
in the now quite empty house.
Unwelcome is the errant tear,
from memories of this past year.
Reminding me, I never saw her crying.

Roan May 2007

by Ann Beard

Comments (14)

Dear friend Ann, I have read this poem before, but it moved me too much to comment. Now I return to say thank you for sharing it with us. If a poem is well written it is good. If it can also link the reader and poet emotionally, it is excellent. Irene
if ever the time came that we could choose favourite poets...well. your definately one of mine. I wonder, if someone close passed away?
This is a wonderful poem. Iove your rhym scheme and it's all so natural. This is my kind of poem. Ron
Straight talking sentiments that add to the pleasure of this peice.
I agree with Andrew here, the emotion is very powerful in this, you have put alot into this Thankyou for sharing such a personal write Love duncan X
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