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I Never Stopped Listening

I will not ever place my hand over my eyes
While anyone might cry or suffer,
I do not believe that suffering is a grandeur prize
That will ultimately make one tougher.

I will also never stick my fingers in my ears
While anyone might be screaming,
If I can hear the rich parading to chants and cheers
Ignoring the pleas of others will not ever become redeeming.

I will not use my hands to ever cover my mouth
When I see any injustice done,
I stand against prejudice and against the bigotry of the south
And from racism and politicians, I will not ever run.

I will not blacken my windows or lock my door
As one day we will be questioned on what we did,
I supported the needy and I helped the poor
And I never stopped listening, or even closed an eyelid.

Randy L. McClave

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